Hi, I’m Catherine 


A leadership codebreaker helping ambitious leaders find their essence, re-connect to their mojo, and play their best game!



You need to become your favourite topic.


You step into your greatness when you REALLY get to know yourself.


Have you landed your dream position and now realise you don’t have the right tools in the toolbox?

Are you waking up at 3 am with the monster voices in your head telling you what you should be worrying about?

Are you wondering why you haven’t already been promoted?

Have you lost your mojo? And work no longer as fun as it used to be?

Are you burnt out?


If you’ve said yes to any of these, then you are in the right place.   


I've been in your shoes. 


I feel your pain. You’re gradually realising that what got you here won’t be enough to get you to the next step…

....that huge, scary step where you face the reality of that big, bright dream of yours. You’re frustrated as heck and don’t know what to do about it.

You're smart.

This isn't your first rodeo! You’ve tried all the hacks out there to feel happier and more fulfilled.

You’ve taken on board your 360 feedback – and to your credit, you took it on the chin like a champ.

You’ve devoured all the best-selling books on leadership.

You’ve watched (and took scrupulous notes on) some fantastic TED talks.

You’ve sought out advice from a friend or a colleague.

You’ve set out with the best of intentions to behave in a different way.

But really, nothing has worked. You still feel lost, anxious and rudderless as ever.


Because personal mastery isn’t about reading someone else’s rulebook, it’s about learning to read and understand your own. It’s about programming.

Each and every one of us is guided by the ‘software’, beliefs or mindset, installed in us during our early years. Our parents, our culture, and our teachers all played a crucial role in shaping who we are and from them we learned what was expected of us so we could belong and feel safe in our family and community.

Our identity and self-worth is intricately tied to the early social and cultural messages we received. In fact, your leadership mindset today is a result of how YOU experienced the world.

Like a fish that doesn’t think about the water it swims in, you’ve probably not thought about this much. That’s ok!

If you feel stuck in reverse or like you’re not moving forward, it’s time to install new software.

We’re talking about a new life code release suitable for who YOU are in your life today.



What if you could wake up every day excited to do what you do?

What if you could tame those little bastard inner critic voices and turn them into your own internal board of directors who, instead of tearing you down, offer meaningful feedback you can use to grow?

What if you could create a life with meaning where you can really see the impact you’re having on the people around you?

Where you LOVE Sundays because it means you get to do the thing you love the next day?

What if, when you lose your way, you could know EXACTLY how to find your way back to YOUR unique path (not someone else’s)?

Like the sound of that?

Now imagine having Yoda by your side. A personal wing-woman whocan help you solve the dilemma of why change has been elusive for you.

Someone who can show you how to break open your very own leadership code so you can navigate your life like a Jedi Master.

Well, hot diggity dog...

… you came to the right place.

...I am THAT woman.



I’m a recovering perfectionist and overachiever who is obsessed with helping people like you hone their leadership strengths and find fulfilment in becoming the purposeful leader you want to be.

I spent years lost in the wilderness of a corporate career, earning accolades, bonuses, and promotions whilst on the inside, quietly feeling ‘meh’. No matter what I accomplished professionally, it never felt quite enough. Like whack-a-mole, every target I reached was replaced by another.

If I’d had a fairy godmother, I’d have asked her to sprinkle some magic dust to help me find inspiration and purpose in my work. This clarity would give me what I needed to bounce out of bed on Mondays, free from the drag effect of ‘Sunday-itis’.

I wish now that I’d had someone on my side to descramble corporate politics, the difficult conversations, and dead ends.

With someone to help me find my path, I know I would have shone from the inside out.

Fast forward to today, and I want to be the person I needed when I was in leadership.

I am the ally, champion, and decoder for leaders and changemakers who want to lead with integrity and who really care about their positive impact.

I'm a truthteller with an eagle eye for patterns and themes


My secret sauce is 20 years of leadership experience....

+ the courage to throw myself over the edge

+ a sense of humour

+ a passion for pragmatism

+ deep skills in personal, social and systems intelligence  

So what's my leadership code? 


Here's a little insight into me:

1. My leadership style is the Coach

It's not surprising that in my own quiz, I come out at the Coach! I take a growth-mindset stance. We are all capable of changing and developing and therein lies the joy life. 

Ask my friends, I'm all about those open-ended questions! 

2. Myers Briggs: ENFJ although borderline extravert and introvert. Headline characteristics are warm, forthright, opinionated, and passionate about people.


3. Belbin team role: Co-ordinator, team-worker, specialist


 4. Sparketype – Advisor with secondary of Maven, which means I prefer depth with a few people over a long time and get real joy when my advice/perspective/space holding supports people to make life changes.