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and to vanquish overbearing high standards and procrastination.

Everyone deserves a wing woman on their team!

A bespoke coaching experience for leaders and mid-career professionals wanting to put the mojo back into Mondays!

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Let me show you why having the support of a no-bullshit, action-oriented coach is the best way to get you back on track.

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Let's face it, being a leader is hard.


You feel lonely at the top - the air really feels thin up here. 


You secretly live with a swarm of tangled fears, worries, and uncomfortable ‘what if’ thoughts that have no place to be processed (despite knowing deep down you’re a passionate, ambitious and curious leader who is doing their best, dammit, your imposter syndrome still sometimes hijacks you).


You find yourself waking up, anxious at 3 am, scrambling to jot down notes to yourself about how to fix things (trust me, this one is super common and you’re not alone). Or you’re angry at yourself for NOT knowing how to fix things (don’t worry, I’ve got you).


You know you don’t want your boss’s job but honestly, you have no idea what you do want (if that feels a little embarrassing to admit, don’t be).


Maybe you’ve landed your dream job - the leadership role you’ve wanted ever since you were knee-high to a Jedi Master - and despite all your past results and all the work you’ve put in to get this far, you’re terrified you will muck it up. After all, there’s no manual for the level you now fly at.


And to top it off, you’re working even longer hours in this uncertain ‘new normal’ of COVID. Corporate politics in the age of Zoom seem murkier and harder to navigate without the comforting trust and transparency earned through in-person interactions.

 Covid, WFH, and Zoom walk into a bar and the bartender says…


Ok, that’s a terrible joke!!

The lockdown has made life seriously challenging for those who lead. 

Do you feel stuck and like you’ve lost your mojo?

Because you’re passionate and pragmatic, you never imagined you’d be one to face burnout. But now you find yourself Googling the symptoms and praying for an end to the exhaustion of keeping up appearances.

You know you’re really good at what you do - but it’s hard to dredge up fun, passion, and motivation when you feel like you’re drowning without a lifeline.

Let me ask a few questions:

  • Are you setting high standards for yourself, only to feel disappointment creeping in (i.e. your perfectionism is getting in the way?) 


  • Do you fear failure in the new responsibility you’ve been given?


  • Are you struggling with purpose and meaning, feeling unfulfilled, pissed off, or craving change?


  • Do you have trouble decoding the feedback you’re getting from your boss or team?


  • Do you have a sneaking suspicion this is stopping you from earning that promotion you want?


  • Do you want to be a better leader, drive better team performance and grow your influence, but don’t know how?


  • Do you want to finally put your imposter syndrome to rest?


  • Are you stuck in a toxic work culture and don’t know how to navigate it? 


If you’ve said yes to one or more of these challenges, chances are your internal operating system isn’t serving you anymore.




It’s time for an upgrade in your leadership confidence and self-awareness.


There has never been a better time to learn about who YOU are, reconnect to what gives you meaning and purpose, and put the joy back into work…

… and the best way to make sure you aren’t tossed around by the winds of change is to do some radical soul searching.


We’re talking about a new life code UPGRADE suitable for who YOU are in your life today.

Everyone deserves a wing woman on their team!

A bespoke coaching experience for leaders and mid-career professionals wanting to put the mojo back into Mondays!

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Remember Super Mario, leveling up by finding the keys to the next level and next world?


The key to cracking the challenges you face and leveling up is personal mastery.

Personal mastery starts with understanding your own personal operating system. Our software – the patterns of belief that shape how we interact with the world – is often installed way back in our formative years, with parents, carers, and teachers all playing their part.

We’re a product of our environment – a mixture of the support and hard lessons – and we’ve adapted to a certain way of showing up in the world. Whether you realise it or not, your identity and self-worth are intricately tied to these early socialisation messages.

The problem? Our software can hinder us if we don’t take responsibility for writing the new code for our software ourselves.

You’ve probably not thought about this much. That’s normal! You’ve had your eye on what you need to know about your industry or your job.


Let’s call that the technical knowledge. I expect you’ve nailed that.

But here’s what no one’s told you. The secret to sustainable behavioural change isn’t waiting for you inside a book. It isn’t going to come from learning a new technical skill. What brings about real, lasting change in the way you show up as a leader is getting to know those parts of yourself that are mostly hidden. It’s addressing the 90% of you that invisibly impacts how you see the world and make decisions – your thoughts, your beliefs, attitudes, values and perspectives.

Your #1 method to leveling up in life and career is personal mastery. You need to become an expert in YOU. As an executive coach, I can help you develop the emotional skills for this task and provide refreshing honesty, pragmatic advice, and accountability with integrity to help you navigate your very own leadership journey.

You know you’re capable of more…


You know you can be a great leader. The kind of leader you admire and would love to follow. The kind of leader that inspires people, who has meaningful and fun team meetings people look forward to. The kind of leader that people stay in the job for because you are really, really making an impact.

You know you’ve got more in you. Perhaps it’s another career. Perhaps it’s a position with more influence or influence with more ease. You’re in no way ready to throw in the towel just yet.


And dare I say you want all of this while also…

  • Not having to play the bullshit politics you see around you every day
  • Not having to trade in your soul and integrity
  • Not having to work harder (C’mon, friend, there are no more hours in the day!)
  • Without digs from your other half about why you’re never at home on time
  • Without getting an ulcer, higher blood pressure or a stress-related health disorder!

You’ve tried to hack together more leadership confidence, DIY-style.


You’ve read a mountain of self-help books and devoured the most popular and lauded TED talks. But you keep stumbling when it comes to applying these ideas in practice.

You’ve emerged from a rigorous internal 360 feedback process, but the data you’ve gotten back is inconsistent and hard to decode.

You’ve taken the initiative and hired a mentor or an internal coach, but you find (to your dismay) that those meetings are often more about the other person than about you.

Your boss says they have an open-door policy but you’re pretty sure you’d be fired if you told your boss half of what was REALLY on your mind.



The DIY approach to personal mastery has its limits. Despite all the effort you’ve poured in, it’s hard to create the consistency, self-reflection and accountability you need to truly change behaviour, all by yourself.

Humans are like icebergs. What we see above the waterline is what others see of us – our behaviour. But as the Titanic found out, the majority of an iceberg is actually below the waterline.

What’s below the waterline shapes what shows above the waterline. Form determines performance.

From a psychological perspective, the part of the iceberg below the waterline holds our values, beliefs, perspectives and thoughts about the world. Much of this we’re unaware of. And like the Titanic, what we are unaware of, or choose not to look at, can sink us.

Here’s what no one’s told you – the secret to sustainable behavioural change is not reading a book, or learning a new skill. What brings about real change is getting to know that part of you that’s mostly hidden.

It’s time to meet the rest of your iceberg!

So what happens when your mojo finds your moxie?  


Imagine waking up every morning feeling energised and excited about the day ahead. You’ve banished Sunday-itis and you’re ready to conquer Monday.

You feel comfortable having that difficult conversation.

You know you have the right tools to make complex decisions and bring the team along with you.

You know how you trip yourself up and how to pick yourself up again.

You’re confident in yourself as an individual and a leader. You’ve found your style and strengths as a leader, and you’re devoted to something you really care about. It’s incredible how much progress you’ve made on your professional journey.

You’ve transformed your career and changed your relationships at work. And because you’ve learned to see things from this different perspective, you have more clarity, purpose and confidence in your decisions.

Let me share with you how you can become like Super Mario, speeding through the levels to understand yourself and become the leader you want to be.


Everyone deserves a wing woman on their team!

A bespoke coaching experience for leaders and mid-career professionals wanting to put the mojo back into Mondays!

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"Catherine has a way of getting to what's real and is right for me, even if it takes me out of my comfort zone. 

Each session is open, true and of value to my every day and longer-term needs, I look forward to them and I've never been disappointed... even the tough ones. Catherine is my trusted caddy, she knows me and will recommend the right club and push me to extend my reach when needed."


Head of Automotive and Manufacturing, NTT Data UK

"I gained the impossible from coaching with Catherine – it has been life changing!


Since working with Catherine, I have a much clearer idea of what I want out of life, and how I going to get that... of what and who is important in my daily life. What I can live without and that my own personal values must be honoured in whatever I do. My next chapter feels very real, very possible and very exciting!"


Finance Director, Tricon

"Catherine gets to the root of every challenge I bring to the session!

Working with her was the first time I had appreciated the connections between different periods in my life, how they have shaped me up until now, and what I can take forward.

To do this with a no-BS approach, but the right degree of gentleness, takes some serious skill."



Principal Consultant, Clarasys


Discovering your innate leadership style to become a true leader


Who you are as a leader is different from what you do as a leader. As a leader, you develop strategies, make decisions, hire/fire, pivot on a plan. That’s what you do.

But who are you when you do take these actions? What values drive your decisions? What sense of purpose do you gain from your work? What inner resources do you rely on to make complex decisions when in a data vacuum? What superpowers do you have to navigate the murky undertows of challenging company culture?

Chances are you’ve never had the headspace to even begin to think about this. The answers to these questions are not to be found in tactical solutions in TED talks and books.

To channel the all-knowing Yoda, the answers really are in you. Getting to know your own unique code and operating system is the path to being the great leader you know you can be.

Executive Coaching is a tailored personal development program just for you.

Working 1:1, we will work out exactly the places you can develop to step into the leadership role you want.

If you want to unlock your own unique way to lead, then coaching is for you.

The 5 myths stopping you from hiring your personal Yoda

"I have found my own style and strengths as a leader in coaching with Catherine.

I have been surprised at how creative the process has been, this has enabled a deeper exploration. I have always felt supported and it has been easy to be open as there has been no judgment or expectation. I worried that coaching would be cerebral, but Catherine brings in a great mix of thinking, feeling and preparing for action. Catherine is intuitive, creative, bold and I really appreciate working with her!"


CEO, Anti-Slavery International

"Catherine is fun, flexible, challenging, respects me for me, and knows what I want: no bullshit, no cuddles, some laughter and a tangible answer to any conundrum.

Catherine has helped me manage the morass of my mind and my transition into a senior executive role.

Headship is a lonely leadership role with the way forward unclear. She helps me see where the stars are so I can navigate my way through. Catherine has made a tangible difference in my life."


Executive Head at Harris Academy

"Catherine helped me see my blind spots with the help of a 360 assessment.

I learnt a lot from coaching, not just about myself but about how people around me may have been influenced or impacted by my historical leadership behaviour – and in different ways that I had imagined. It turns out that what makes sense in one’s head, ie. mine, is not necessarily so obvious or clear cut for others and may actually yield opposite results than what intended. A very revealing process and I can’t wait to do it again in a few years' time!"


CEO, Fing

So you still have some questions: throw them at me!

What’s behind this leadership coaching approach?

Here’s the geeky stuff.

I have half a dozen coaching certifications + many years of experience as a leader and a consultant. 

Here are the tenets of my work:

  • Personal mastery starts with understanding our current core operating system: this includes values, core beliefs, mindset, purpose and mission
  • We need to leave the safety of our personal harbour and explore the wild seas of the unknown. Growth comes from stepping out of our comfort zone.
  • We make real and deep changes through awareness, practice and support. This is why reading books results in limited long-term change. We need the awareness of our behaviours, a framework to practice new behaviours, and a champion to hold us to account.
  • We need to slow down to speed up: the genius of the human spirit shines through in generative conversations. Stepping into the unknown in a conversation is where the magic happens.
  • You can do seriously hard things whilst having fun or at least doing it with ease.

Let me introduce you to the algorithm that informs my work.


The Growth Edge Formula 


To truly stand out, you need to start with the three most important ingredients of a true leader: radical self-inquiry + practical skills + good company.

Let’s break these down.

A CAPACITY FOR RADICAL SELF INQUIRY You need to know yourself. No one else can be the expert of you. What’s going on inside is just as important as what’s going on outside.

TOOLKIT OF PRACTICAL SKILLS Every craftsman needs a top-class toolkit. When it comes to self-development and navigating leadership challenges, there is always space in the box for more tools.

GOOD COMPANY Choose your travel companions well, because like Yoda, a good ally can mean the difference between staying on the path, or giving up.

So that’s my Growth Edge Formula!

Everyone deserves a wing woman on their team!

A bespoke coaching experience for leaders and mid-career professionals wanting to put the mojo back into Mondays!

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Executive Coaching with me is perfect for YOU if:

✓ You’ve had a successful career so far, and you want to look at the next step in your leadership and dial-up your awesomeness.

✓ You’re feeling stuck and you can’t work out why.

✓ You’ve just recently stepped into a dream role but feel way out of your depth. You just know that what got you here isn’t all you need to be successful in this dream role. You really don’t want to mess this up!

✓ Your mojo has left the building. You are where you want to be in your career but you feel tired, overwhelmed and lonely.

✓ You are willing to put in the time between coaching sessions to do the heavy lifting of learning.


 ✓ You live in a feedback vacuum and know that if you could get your hands on some good 360 feedback data, you’d have the power and knowledge to set yourself on the right course.

✓ You have a friend or colleague who got themselves a coach, and are now knocking out the park, brimming with confidence and the joy of life. You want some of that for yourself. 

✓ You’ve experimented with a few hacks like mindfulness moments, gratitude or journaling. It’s not exactly a habit, but you get enough of a sense that some of these small behaviour changes might be really life-changing if you could be more consistent. 

✓ You consider yourself to be smart and rational in your approach to life.

If you said yes to at least 3 of the above, then sign up, as you, my friend, are a perfect fit! 

Your path to leadership mastery!

Imagine a future where you wake up every day feeling buzzed to do what you do. Where you find meaning and purpose, and when you lose your way, you know how to find your way back to YOUR unique path.

Imagine taming your little bastard inner critic voices and transforming them into an empowering inner board of directors who offer constructive feedback and bear loving witness to your success. Imagine creating team meetings a blast while your team knocks it out of the park.

Imagine being faced with a complex situation, and even though you feel nervous, you know you have the tools to step up to the challenge.

I love a good sci-fi movie, but that kind of teletransportation isn’t a thing (yet!) and Elon Musk isn’t planning on solving that any time soon.

But what I can do is lovingly remind you that YOU are your best asset.

Getting to know yourself, your superpowers and your leadership code will help you level up in your life and take you from daily stress to sustainable success.


Everyone deserves a wing woman on their team!

A bespoke coaching experience for leaders and mid-career professionals wanting to put the mojo back into Mondays!

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