To my ambitious, practical pragmatist

Ready to reclaim your mojo, get fired up about work again, and put the FUN back in the day-to-day?

You’ve come to the right place.

You deserve to get your mojo back – without blowing up your life.

Welcome to a personalised 12-session coaching experience for mid-lifer wanting to put the mojo back into Mondays!


Being mid-career and

unsatisfied is tough!


You have all the trimmings you ever wanted in a career – great salary, role, bonuses and maybe even a great boss. But it’s not enough. 

You know you don’t want your boss’s job but honestly, you have no idea what you do want.

Or you are just sick of everyone’s s**t and ready to move on but with some grown-up obligations in play, you want to do it in a calculated way.

You find yourself awake at 3am, scrambling to jot down notes to yourself about how to fix things (trust me, this one is super common and you’re not alone). 

Or you’re angry at yourself for NOT knowing how to fix things (don’t worry, I’ve got you).

Maybe you’ve landed your dream job - the role you’ve wanted ever since you were knee-high to a Jedi Master - and despite all your past results and all the work you’ve put in to get this far, you’re terrified you will muck it up. After all, there’s no manual for the level you now fly at.

Catherine listened expertly. As a result, she was able to use really relevant techniques and frameworks to support my journey with clear actions.

It was the first time I had appreciated the connections between different periods in my life, how they have shaped me up until now, and what I can take forward. To do this with a no-BS approach, but the right degree of gentleness, takes some serious skill.

Matt Austin PhD, Principal Consultant, Clarasys

Catherine has a way of getting to what's real and is right for me, even if it takes me out of my comfort zone.

Each session is open, true and of value to my every day and longer term needs, I look forward to them and I've never been disappointed... even the tough ones.

Nick Smith, Head of Automotive and Manufacturing, NTT Data UK

Let's get clear on my definition of mojo

Do you feel stuck in a career rut and like you’ve lost your mojo?

Because you’re a practical pragmatist, you never imagined you’d be mid-career wondering if there was more to life than this. 

You are really good at what you do and somehow that’s just not enough. It’s hard to dredge up fun and motivation when your career seems to be on the wrong path.


Let me throw out a few questions:

  • Are you struggling with purpose and meaning, feeling unfulfilled, pissed off, or craving change?
  • Do you feel unsure where you’re headed, career-wise? 
  • Do you experience a mix of being overwhelmed by the load of tasks and simultaneously being bored by 90% of those tasks?
  • Do you want to be a better leader, drive better team performance and grow your influence, but don’t know how? 
  • Do you want to finally put your imposter syndrome to rest? 
  • Are you ambitious to move up but resists taking on the extra responsibility and getting outside of your comfort zone? 

If you’ve said yes to one or more of these questions, it’s time to do something different.

Because let’s face it, you know you’re capable of more…


You know you’ve got more in you. Perhaps it’s another career. Perhaps it’s a position with more influence or influence with more ease. You’re in no way ready to throw in the towel just yet.


You know you can put a greater dent in the universe. To have the kind of job that somehow makes a difference however big or small. To fall into bed exhausted from the day and work but immensely satisfied with the path you are on.


And dare I say you want all of this while also…

  • Leveraging your considerable experience and expertise
  • Maintaining your financial obligations 
  • Not having to trade in your soul and integrity
  • Not having to work harder (C’mon, friend, there are no more hours in the day!)
  • Not getting digs from your other half about why you’re never at home on time
  • Avoiding the ulcer, higher blood pressure or a stress-related health disorder
  • Not burning it all down to be a yoga teacher in Bali

So what happens when your mojo finds your moxie?


Imagine waking up every morning feeling energised and excited about the day ahead. 

That you’ve learned to see things from different perspectives, and you have more clarity, purpose and confidence in your decisions. 

Imagine you have clarity on your mojo - what it is, how you lose it and how you can find it again.

That you have the tools to break the pattern of getting stuck in a rut (when it happens again).

Imagine you are either in a dream job, or at a minimum, see the clear path in the right direction.

That you have all of this without compromising your financial safety, and disregarding all you’ve learnt and experienced in your career.

Let me share with you the Mojo Dojo

The white-glove coaching program is a 12 session experience with me as your mojo wing woman.

The goal is to get you fired-up about your career, and reclaim your mojo. Whether that is within your existing role, or forging a new and exciting path forward – either way, I got you.

My Guarantee

I want you to commit to yourself and see yourself as the freekin’ amazing human being you are. I want you to say yes to doing things differently, stepping outside your comfort zone, and levelling up. 

But I know going out on a limb, investing time and money and energy, can be hard. 

You’ve made it this far, so I know you’re thinking this just might be what you’ve been searching for… and as the practical pragmatist you are, you need to know that you’ll get results.

So here is my promise to you. 


If you do the work, implement the actions from our sessions, take on the challenges I give you, AND yet you don’t feel you’ve grown within 6 months of our first session, I’ll give you your money back. 

I’m not in the business of wasting your time or mine. I want this to be an incredible life changing experience for you. 

If you do the work, I’m confident you’ll get results. If I weren’t, I’d be straight up silly to have this kind of guarantee.


The 5 myths stopping you getting you on your mojo path

H E Y   T H E R E

I’m Catherine.


Executive coach and mojo wing woman for mid-career professionals ready to reclaim their spark at work (without setting fire to their lives).

I was stuck in the corporate wilderness for years, never knowing what the ‘right’ next move was. 

I’ve done ALL THE THINGS I bet you wouldn’t do…

  • Completely misjudged the job market. I moved country in 2001 optimistically thinking I’d *just* land a job when I got to the UK. I’d always swanned from one job to another in South Africa. It took WAY longer than I expected and put massive strain on my marriage and my savings. 
  • Resigned without a job lined up ‘trusting the universe’. In fairness, I was experiencing bullying in the workplace. So I resigned just believing a job to be around the corner. Then ran out of cash months later because I couldn’t find a new role. 
  • Applied to state benefits to make ends meet (and was rejected). I was also waitressing in my mid 30s (it really was a rubbish job market back then) and even applied for state support (which never materialised). 
  • Thought I had to COMPLETELY cut ties with corporate when I started my passion business. I leapt out of my well-paid corporate career to start my passion business. I thought there was no other way other than to jump freestyle. A year later, I’d run out of money, had high blood pressure and an ulcer! 
  • Taken on a soul-sucking consulting gig to pay the bills whilst I bootstrapped my business. I took on work I hated to pay the bills whilst I built the coaching business.

I’ve made SO MANY MISTAKES in my journey to find my mojo. And seriously, there is a way to be more structured, and supported in this quest. 

This is why I do this work. 


Client Testimonials

Catherine was my trusted advisor and coach during a year of transition following a redundancy.

It was a very challenging time where she provided exactly the right balance of support, reflection and momentum. Her intelligence, empathy and humor, as well as well-structured frameworks, were exactly what I needed to make a leap into the unknown, change sector and secure a desired role. I recommend her very highly to anyone, particularly senior leaders.

Ramona Liberoff, Senior Advisor, Roots of Impact

Catherine has shown incredible skill and compassion nudging me along the path of self-inquiry and professional growth.

She has an uncanny way to mix frank openness and tact, show empathy yet remain impartial, be insightful and offer new perspectives yet create vast space to cultivate your own understanding. She's brilliant, trustworthy and fun.

Magda Taylor, Founder, Wonky House

I am beyond grateful for her honesty and investment in my personal journey.

I count her as a trusted advisor in moments that matter both organisationally and personally.

Mary Pizzey, Research and Programs Director, Re-Generate

So you still have some questions: throw them at me!

This Personal Coaching with me is perfect for YOU if:

  • Your mojo has left the building. You are where you want to be in your career but you feel tired, overwhelmed and lonely. 
  • You’ve had a successful career so far, but feel a little lost as to what comes next for you. 
  • You’ve just recently stepped into a dream role but feel way out of your depth. You just know that what got you here isn’t all you need to be successful in this dream role. You really don’t want to mess this up!
  • You are willing to put in the time between coaching sessions to do the heavy lifting of learning.
  • You have a friend or colleague who got themselves a coach, and are now knocking out the park, brimming with confidence and the joy of life. You want some of that for yourself. 
  • You live in a feedback vacuum and know that if you could get your hands on some good 360 feedback data, you’d have the power and knowledge to set yourself on the right course.
  • You’ve experimented with a few hacks like mindfulness moments, gratitude or journaling. It’s not exactly a habit, but you get enough of a sense that some of these small behaviour changes might be really life-changing if you could be more consistent. 
  • You consider yourself to be smart and rational in your approach to life.

If you said yes to at least 3 of the above, then sign up, as you, my friend, are a perfect fit! 

Let’s wake up your sleeping mojo together!

Imagine a future where you wake up every day feeling buzzed to do what you do. 

Where you find meaning and purpose, and when you lose your way, you know how to find your way back to YOUR unique path. 

Imagine taming your little bastard inner critic voices and transforming them into an empowering inner board of directors who offer constructive feedback and bear loving witness to your success. 

Imagine being faced with a complex situation, and even though you feel nervous, you know you have the tools to step up to the challenge. 

I love a good sci-fi movie, but that kind of teletransportation isn’t a thing (yet!) and Elon Musk isn’t planning on solving that any time soon. 

But what I can do is lovingly remind you that YOU are your best asset. Getting to know yourself, your super powers and your mojo blueprint will ensure you get to live your life with meaning and on purpose!



When was the last time you asked yourself what lit you up?


Chances are that was a while ago. And maybe even never. 

Most of us set off on a career path set for us by high-school subject choices, helicopter parents or whatever our teenage brain decided was cool at the time. 

No judgement in that. We all needed a gentle nudge to get on with adulting. But that would have set us on a career path that was never of our own making.

However mid-career, you have years of fantastic experience on your CV, and a different world view to your teenage self. 

You have so much more to offer to the world in that unique intersection of your skills, your passions, and what the world really needs. 

What you need to do is to go back to what brings you joy and meaning.  

There has never been a better time to learn about who YOU are, reconnect to what gives you meaning and purpose, and put the joy back into work…

… and the best way to make sure you aren’t tossed around by the winds of change is to do some radical soul searching.


I too was lost in the corporate wilderness for years.

I followed my father’s wishes of study and career in Computer Science. I climbed the ranks and with every step, wondered if this was going to bring me happiness. It never did. I stumbled into executive coaching by sheer luck and good wind behind my back! 

I’m offering you a much more structured container to fast-track this soul searching leveraging my experience, and support.