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Feeling trapped mid-career? You’re not alone.

Maybe you are disengaged and unmotivated at work, questioning if this is as good as it gets, and wondering if you should make a big move. 

OR, maybe you like where you work, but are feeling overwhelmed as a leader. You’re not sure if you’re making an impact, feel like you’re always putting out fires, and aren’t sure where to go from here. 

Either way, the writing’s on the wall: 

The stuff that’s “always worked” is no longer working for you – and everything’s being impacted.

(Your work/life balance, your mental health, and your relationships are all being affected because you're not sure what’s next.)

It feels like you’ve lost your mojo.

You know something needs to change, but you DON’T want to blow up your life/career to get there.

(Because you’re not a 20 year old looking for an excuse to move to Bali anymore.)

I can help.


"Talking to Catherine helped me breathe again. She just understood the weight of the burdens I felt as a CEO."

As a CEO, there is so much pressure and expectations. It doesn’t feel acceptable to struggle but with Catherine I could be very open and honest, and I never felt judged.  I thought I had to be strong everywhere. She set me on the right path and helped me build a solid foundation of self-awareness with a toolset that I could apply quickly and practically after our sessions. My work with Catherine was eye-opening and cathartic."

JP Kruip, CEO of Fitsense

 "Coaching with Catherine is like having a BFF who knows more about life than you!”

I worked with Catherine at a pivotal moment in my corporate career and she had incredible skill and compassion. She nudged me along the path of self-inquiry. I changed my life through our coaching by getting to know myself, what I was truly capable of and how I wanted to shape my life. She has an uncanny way to mix frank openness and tact. She shows empathy yet remains impartial. She's insightful and offers new perspectives and yet creates a vast space to cultivate your own understanding. She’s a paradox that you just can’t live without.

Magda Taylor, Founder of Wonky House

“Catherine helped me find my mojo!” 

"When we started coaching, I wasn’t meeting my own expectations of my role, and I was beating myself up. It was a dream job that had come off the rails. Not getting results really hurt. In such a senior role, I felt it was down to me. It’s really lonely on a leadership team. 

Our conversations were sometimes terrifying and vulnerable, but I always felt like I had been hugged at the end, leaving feeling so much better and able to do what I know I am good at. I found my mojo again!”

Tim Bardell, Head of Consulting at NTT DATA UK

H E Y   T H E R E !

I'm Catherine

Executive coach and mojo wing woman for mid-career professionals ready to reclaim their spark at work (without setting fire to their lives).

Every day, I work with mid-level and C-suite leaders and entrepreneurs to equip them with the self-knowledge and tools that will help them reclaim their mojo – a.k.a. that feeling of confidence, competence, and joyful satisfaction in their work. 

Sometimes, that means changing jobs/career paths, starting a business, or redefining your role within your company – whatever that looks like for you, I’m here to help you find it. 

Read on to learn more about how it works.

A L L   A B O U T   M Y   S I G N A T U R E   P R O C E S S

The Mojo Mastery Framework

How can you uplevel your impact as a leader?

The most successful leaders have a distinct leadership style that inspires the very best in people. Get instant clarity on how you can tap into your innate advantage and make a greater impact.

Since 2012, I’ve helped over 170 clients from 65 companies get their mid-career mojo back, and create some seriously awesome stuff, like:

  • Build a dream team
  • Successfully manage a dysfunctional board with grace and charm
  • Move through burnout to thriving and loving life again
  • Navigate a funding round without losing their sh%t
  • Start a dream business
  • Find the confidence and vision to build a US operation for the UK company
  • Plan and implement a first 100 day vision in a dream job
  • Work out it was time to leave for a new exciting chapter
  • Land a dream job leaving behind a toxic organisation
  • Build confidence to fully own their leadership position
  • Get clear on what next in their career
  • Navigate a corporate merger and claim an exciting new role

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