What’s your leadership superpower?

(and your kryptonite)

Take this 2-minute quiz and discover your unique leadership code and core superpower, and the key strengths you can leverage for greater impact as a leader!


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“Normally quizzes are just fun but the results page is insightful and action-oriented and offers a glimpse of what it would be to be working with you...! LOVE IT”

“TOTALLY reinforced me why I spend my life telling stories to get my message across, that’s what I am great at!” #narrator”

“Wow!  I feel warm, inspired, and impressed!”

“I had great fun doing the quiz & I found it ‘spookily’ accurate.

“That quiz didn't ask many questions, but the summary of my strengths and derailers was eerily accurate!.. very close to 100% of what I've learned about myself so far. How did you do that?”

“I feel better about myself as a leader for having read my results.”


Hello there! I'm Catherine!

I’m a recovering perfectionist and overachiever who is obsessed with helping people like you hone their leadership strengths and find fulfilment in becoming the purposeful leader you want to be.

My secret sauce is 20 years of leadership experience 

+ courage to throw myself over the edge 

+ a sense of humour 

+ a passion for pragmatism

+ deep skills in personal, social, and systems intelligence. 

I help ambitious leaders like you level up their game, find their leadership DNA, and play the best game of their life.


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